Course & Workshop Reviews

Agent-based Modeling Workshop

“The training was great! It was one of the best trainings I have been to. I was able to learn the method easily due to the expertise and teaching style of Dr. Neal and his student, Jennifer Lawlor. Putting the strategy to use during the second half of the training was a great way to ensure that learning has occurred.”

“The presenters did an excellent job making the material accessible, understandable, and gave us practice using the new method.”

PSY 395: Research Methods

“Jennifer Lawlor is an amazing instructor! I was hoping I’d get to fill out some sort of evaluation just so that this may be recognized by, well, whoever collects this data. I am a senior in psychology and have had few classes with as great of lectures as she gives. She makes the information incredibly easy to understand, explains things eloquently, accepts all questions and opinions, and I was particularly impressed by how quickly she could get through lots of material while still leaving AMPLE time to take notes. I really loved this because I have always hand-written my notes and I think many instructors only allow enough time to type notes (which is faster, at least for me!). But in this class, I was able to get everything down. Thanks!”

PSY 270: Community Psychology

“Loved the hands on learning activities! She really loves community psych and made it more enjoyable.”