Research & Evaluation

Previous Projects & Partnerships

Community Research Ecology (CoRE) Project

The community research ecology (CoRE) team from the University of Michigan School of Information and School of Education is developing a space for researchers and practitioners in education to share and synthesize information related to problems of mutual interest.

College Access Network Coalition Project

In this project, I worked with a local college access network to understand how members understood the problems the group worked on. Using mental modeling and social network analysis, I identified points of overlap in members’ thinking and mapped their collaboration network.

Flint Leverage Points Project Evaluation

I collaborated with an interdisciplinary project team and the consultative panel of community members to design and implement an evaluation plan for a community model building process to assess tipping points in the Flint, MI food system


Michigan School Program Information Project (MiSPI)

With the Michigan School Program Information Project, I conducted qualitative interviews, distributed and managed surveys, analyzed qualitative data, and wrote up results as part of a study of how school administrators use social networks to access information about school programs and make decisions about which programs to implement.


Center for Regional Food Systems 

In my work with the Center for Regional Food Systems, I collected data in a study of social networks among Michigan Good Food Charter signatories to examine patterns of stakeholder collaboration around dimensions relevant to achieving statewide food systems goals. 


System ExChange

As part of my work with the System ExChange, I engaged with several on-the-ground system change efforts focused around early childhood service systems, provided technical assistance to community partners, facilitated community conversations around change efforts, analyzed qualitative data, and tracked community change in real time.