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Agent-based Modeling Workshop

With funding from the Society for Community Research and Action and the Michigan State University psychology department, I designed a one-day comprehensive introduction to agent-based modeling (ABM) with Dr. Zachary Neal. This workshop covers the epistemology of ABM, the modeling process, introduces participants to simple, free modeling software, and gives everyone a chance to apply their new skills and build a model during the workshop.

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PSY 395: Research Methods

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to research methods for upper-level psychology undergraduate students. It focuses on both the production and consumption of research products. To this end, Students engage in applied projects to practice designing studies and interacting with data as well as activities interpreting research that they encounter in everyday life.

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PSY 270: Community Psychology

This course focuses on core principles, values, and theories of the field of community psychology. Students have the opportunity to learn about communities in practice settings through a community engagement component to the course. I wrote a series of blog posts about community engaged teaching following this course, which can be found on my publications page.

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